Why do i stink after having a shower?

Why do I stink after having a shower like half an hour after

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great perspiration?use alot of deodorant and axe.

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I put deodrant on but still stink

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You must have natural body order. Something that you cannot get rid of. You have musty odor, but you can mask the smell with deo and those (axe or old spice products). If you are not comfortable with your smell even with the extras. I don't know what else you could possible do.

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try using shampoo...

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It is probably the products you use like the shampoo, soap, or even deodorant. I personally think that any scented product that smells like blackberry, has a smell of must (maybe it is just me). You could try switching products like Men's shampoo and body wash, also you can use a different deodorant like Axe. I also recommend taking a shower twice a day. If you live in a place with a high humidity, then I recommend using more deodorant. If the problem persists, then have a pocket deodorant. Usually your natural smell of "stink" is released at a certain humidity. I hope this helps.

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Please don't use a lot of Axe. For the sake of everyone around you, please.

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Do you shower in very hot water? That will make you sweat and can cause you to smell after you have showered. My boyfriend had the same problem at one stage.

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It has something to do with your body. Some people produce a bit smelly sweat. You can reduce it by avoiding eating too much fatty food specially cheese.

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I have 2 showers a week cause I need help to wash

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