Stephanie Meyer stole my book title :|

I’ve had the idea for AGES now for a trilogy of novels and the first one would’ve been called Twilight :| I wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable about this if both my Twilight and Meyer’s Twilight were the first novels in the series’. So what I’m asking is in your opinion would it be okay if I kept the title? It’s just I’ve become attatched to it :( And I’m not some crazed fan trying to steal Meyer’s ideas - I don’t put much stock in her capabilities as a writer, personally, and my trilogy has nothing to do with vampires and werewolves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :) Thankyou! x

Answer #1

There are many different books out there that share titles…it’s not an issue.

Answer #2

I don’t really think its a problem, but you could try searching similar night/day titles, because people might associate your book to Meyer’s. But it really isn’t a problem if the your books have nothing to do Meyer’s, seeing as I’ve seen various books titled ‘Twilight.’ What are your books about? Perhaps there are more fitting titles for your book than Twilight? Honestly, Meyer’s books had nothing to do with the literal Twilight itself, they were just Vampire Romance ‘novels.’ (The definition of novel is a book that stands the test of time without losing popularity, such as The Lord of the Rings by T.R.R Tolken. The term ‘novel’ has been generalized into fitting the scope of any overall popular book. The Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer are recent, there for technically not ‘novels,’ just popular books.) Maybe if you are dead-set on Twilight for the title, move it back to third or second book title, and choose a more less-known title. =D I hope I helped!

Answer #3

I think you should be original and try to look for another title. How about Dusk, vesper ,crepuscular or In due time. Let us know when your books get published, good luck!

Answer #4

It is fine… different books same title… Go for it… I will buy it!! :D

Answer #5

well, if its not like her books and movies, then, no, it wouldnt be wrong, it would probably be alright, but if its kinda the same thing as her things, then you should change the title.

Answer #6

like total rockstar4ever said as long as its not like her books or movies it should be fine. just wondering whats it about anyways?

Answer #7

i think you could, a lot of books have the same or similar titles of one another go for it!

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