Is it possible to love your step child as you love your biological child?

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yeah, my mom loves me and my step brothers and sister equialy,treats my step brother better tho

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Of course it is. What a silly question.

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Definitely. My Dad isn't my father by blood, but I know I love him just as much as my Mom.

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I am a step father and a father - and I treat my step son as my own - however, I treat my daughter differently then my step-son for I believe a man can better protect himself then my daughter - its not so silly if you think about it - there are some step-parents that treat the step child better. The other thing is, if the parents ever divorce - that step-child is no longer your step-child - legally.

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Absolutely not. Love between two people only comes from fluid transmission. This is why biological parents can love their children, because those children are literally a product of their own fluids (genes). In the world of romance, love is only achieved after partners share fluid with each other (kissing counts!). In the case of adoption, it's similar to buying a new video game; it's fun for a while, entertaining to explore and to gain an understanding, but at the end of the day if it breaks, gets stolen or dies (video games don't really die, they just break), then you just go out and get another.
Don't count on being able to love a child you adopt, it's simply not possible in human genetics.

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Sure but that's definitely only true for psychopaths. And even then, only for 23.5% of them.

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..... It is possible. We have consciences and we can love a child that isn't biologically ours. what about parents who accidentally take home a baby that isn't there's? It's not their biological child, but they still love them as if they were.

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Billy Clinton, I can't believe you believe that BS that of you adopt a child you'll never love it and won't care if it dies!

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Yeah..... same as one can love an adopted child. Blood only runs so thick

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of course, just put your mind to it adn it would be possible :)

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As we answer the initial question, we should be able to speak our minds without retribution or name calling about other;s opinions. This is what creates solutions - opposition of what we believe. We dont have to like what is said, however, we should respect those that say it. Unless of course it is totally socialbly unexceptable.

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troll :/

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Kahilli just a question - is it possible that those that accidently take a baby from the hospital are more in love with the thought of having a baby verses loving the baby?

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Yes definitely, my sister is my half sister but my dad adopted her when she was 4. He didn't favor either of us. He loved us equally :)

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Can't a guy just be bored at work, create a fake account, and give troll answers to people who ask such idiotic questions? Yes, a guy can.

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Of course, in my opinion that's the way it should be :)

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ever heard of freedom of speech? you can say what you want and I can say what I want.

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Yes Greg that is possible. Can happen with their own biological child as well.

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for sure, you could love anyone like you love your biological child as long as you hae a really good realationship, but dont tell your child if you like someone as much as them it will hurt their feelings

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Yes it is totally possible, but I know from personal experience that I find it really annoying when a step parent acts like your parent. I've had a step mom since I was 6 and I still find it bothersome when she acts like she's my parent. I still love her and she loves me but idk it's just annoying still

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if you cant love them then why adopt

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It's not unusual to love someone outside of your blood like a blood family member and in some cases soemtimes even closer. People have been doing it for could be kindered spirits reconnected, by some beliefs .

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yes, even if the child is adopted they can still be loved just as much

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