How long can you be put in jail for stealing?

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In Washington State, if it's over $200 worth of property then it's automatically a Class C Felony. I served a month, although my sentence was more like 45 days, I had what they call "good time". I don't remember really having a "good time" but apparently I did. Oh and plus the fine will be at least a thousand. And by the way, if it's over $1000 then its Grand Theft and you will probably get at least a year (9months with good time). Still only a Class B Felony, but even a Class C stays on your record for a while and you gotta pay a lawyer to get it off when enough years pass. If your talking about less than 200 then I wouldn't worry about it at all. Not to say there won't be a punishment, but nothing you can't handle, or else you shouldn't have been stealing in the first place. When I used to commit crimes, I would know that I could go to jail for a certain amount of time, depending on what I was doing and I would have to accept that fact. And if you get caught, you don't cry like a baby cause you knew what the consequences were. You know the rules to the game so there's no surprises. I can tell you from years of experience, it's not worth it to steal, or commit crimes for profit in ANY case. I am still working on getting my life back to where it was before I started doing that $#!+ and I still have a few years and thousands of dollars to pay back before I can even think about planning for my future and moving on with my life. When you finally realize that you want to turn your life around, and then you have all that crap on your criminal record, you're going to wish you could find a good job. It took me years to get lucky enough to get the job I have. And it's not even THAT good of a job, but at least I get to be my own boss. My point is, if you don't get lucky like I did, you won't get hired anywhere except for McDonald's. Been there, done that. Working at McDonald's is fine for some people, but it sure would be nice to have other options for employment and then you could just CHOOSE to work at McDonald's instead of being forced to because noone else will hire you. Good luck, pal.

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depends how old you r
wut you stole
how many stuff you stole
where you live
and WUT you STOLE

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depends how old he is...
if he stole lighters and hes under 16 he should just get a warning LOL
he wont go 2 jail for that!!

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In most states, shoplifting is a different crime than ordinary theft - generally with higher penalties.

A first offense for shoplifting a low cost item will probably result in a fine and community service rather than jail time.

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it depends on what you steal and your age
if your young, and stole something small you likely to get into trouble but be let off, or if it happens a few times, be banned from the store
but as you grow older you get more seriouse charges...even for just the small things

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Always carry the money to pay for something if your going to be a dirty theif :P

If you have the money all you gotta do is say "OH CRAP I FORGOT I HAD THIS!"

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because my friend stole lighters and hes really scared

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Depends what it is the person stole.
I know a lot of people who have just gotten charged for it, and didn't go to jail at all. But like I said, it all depends on what the item(s) is.

need an excuse to return it

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Did he get Caught or something?

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depends...obviously grand theft auto is going to get you more time than lighters...I think that's called like a petty crime or something. most likely would result in something like community service.

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How long can I go to jail for steeling an eye shadow

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