Std in throat

I gave oral sex for the first time...I checked the bakc of my throat and it seems that I have two bleeding spots above my bell of my it because I sucked to hard or went to deep...or is it a std and should go get it checked out...

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if it is bothering you and you haven't yet seen a Doctor, gargle with salt water. It may relieve some of the pain you might have. Call your Dr.'s office and try to get an Appointment asap

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best way to make sure is to go check it out asap!! explain to your doctor what you've done... and see if you're a-ok!! better to be safe than sorry!

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Call your regular doctor and get it checked out right away. you mite b able to fix this problem before it gets any worse. Another thing, dont share drinks/straws/toothbrushes/towels etc...a lot of people think this is ok to do even w/people they have relationships with but really its not. I mean, both partners should b tested for hiv and all std's every couple of years and if its all negative then your in great shape!

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I would go check it out you never know better to catch it bfore it spreads or something

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