Stay awake

Could someone please help? I am really tired do you have anyways that I could use to keep my self awake?

Answer #1

anymore ways hidan I must admit slapping myself in the face helps but I’m still really Anymore?/

Answer #2

well, like everyone else said drink coffee, or tea. cold shower is a good one too. you need to keep yourself busy playing videogames is a great idea cause you have to be alert. also you can invite someone over to help keep you up. depending on the situation of course.


Answer #3

go to bed earlier.

Answer #4

listen to music really loud when you start ot doze off

Answer #5
  • Coffee
  • Cold shower
  • Eat chocolate or something that’ll give you energy
  • Turn all the lights on


Answer #6

Ha! you have good ideas Hidan!!! :)

Answer #7

Build a machine so that evertime you almost fall asllep it wakes you up lol try setting your alarm so in 15 min. if you have dozed off you will wake up

Answer #8

Drink Coffee Spray cold water on your face

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