What happens to your body when you starve yourself?

I am really upset that people keep pointing out weight at school. I know I am fat but lately things are getting worse. I am curious what should I do. I want to come back from summer break next school year with a major weight loss. What happens to your body when you starve yourself?

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it starts to shut down and you start dieing slowly
i know i am very ill right now beacse of anorexia
dont do it
its very pain-ful

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It starts eating your muscles and then your organs. If that is your picture then you are not fat. But the best way to do it is watch what you eat and balance out weight training with cardio. Weight is not as important as size. You can weigh a lot but have a great shape. Muscle weighs more than fat. Good luck and do it right!

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you shouldnt starve urself cuz it doesnt make u any skinnier......i think u should go on a diet if u think u r fat....not tooo over board tho...maybe just start cutting down on junk food and STOP with the candy......um do plenty of excersize and get involved in sports......if that is ur picture then u r not fat....at least not to me!! wellgood luck and i hope u soon see results and r happy about ur weight!! :)

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Starving yourself should never be an option. I know your young and you compare yourself to others in your school. Others may say things that tend to bother you emotionally. You need to understand that your body is unique. You are unique, By you picture In my professional opinion you need to change nothing.

Things you can do rather than "Starving" yourself is exercise. You will find that exercising can be very rewarding. You will also feel quite a bit better about yourself if you use this method that the other. In time you will realize that these are childish rants and you are a beautiful young women not the "Fat ogre" You make yourself out to be.

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