Starting school:(

Im kinda scard about starting school. I meen I have a lot of good friends but I havent seen them all summer because of skating. I hope that nothing has changed. What do you think. Do you have any advice to help?

Answer #1

if anything has changed with your friends then theyre not real friends. “true friends hold on through the ups and the downs because theyve got someone to believe in”

Answer #2

if anythin has changed you would know…I know its hard to loose friends, I been there and done that, however, you will gain new friends, if they have dont change who you are, they might not have had change, I dont think you need to worry yourself over it…IF they have, and they give you the cold shoulder, you dont need them, but like I said they may not have, just wait and see, and dont worry yourself to death bout it :)

Answer #3

well as long as you kept contact that is great! and if they were really your friends they would understand.

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