Starting My Period...?

For the past couple of days I have been getting this really thick, brown discharge in my knickers. It’s usually yellow. I use pads, but I haven’t properly started my period yet. I started bleeding for a few days when I was on holiday in America when I was 14/15. I’m now 17. Does the brown discharge mean that I’m starting my period? (and no, I don’t have sex).

Answer #1

I know it’s not a yeast infection I don’t itch or anything like that..

Answer #2

I would see a doctor not only about this, but maybe about you not starting your period by 17? :)

Answer #3

yeah gurly talk you your dr. and see what he says. I mean that’s all I can give you. it might be sumething serious so you should definetly get that checked out.

Answer #4

Could be anything… could be your period (when it first starts, sometimes it is just brown), but could be something is wrong… you want to talk to your doctor about it…

Answer #5

well I have had the same problems. it could b some kind of inner infection like bacterial infections or something. usually if your having discharge and it’s like a clear or white color thats a yeast infection. but yellow or green color means an bacterial infection. if it is that you will need to get some antibiotics from your dr. probably a obgyn will b your best bet. if not taking care of right away the infection could possibly spread to your uterus,stomache and threwout your system. so plzz get that checked out. and good luck hun. =]

Answer #6

the brown discharde cud mean anything hon… to be on the safe side… why not visit a doctor??? good luck

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