Starting a metal band (we need a name)

hey I'm a 15 yr. old female. 3 of my best guy friends are going to be starting a metal band. I am currently borrowing an acoustic guitar from another friend but I can't play yet I'll be bass guitar freddy on drums and back up vocals bradley lead guitar and preston lead vocals.
Freddy its filthy rich, brad, preston and I can barley work to pay for our phone bills. so we are going to be practicing in one of freddy's 5 houses it has a room that can fit 3 bands we just need to set up the electricity and get carpeting to stop the echoing. Preston and I are going to be wearing drama mask (mine black and yellow his black and red) and freddy is going to wear a latex zombie mask with a gas mask on it.
well what I'm trying to say is there anything that we are missing besides a name and talent
and do you have any ideas for a name for a metal band??

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I have to say that the best way is definately to just sit down and come up with random ones...a couple of my suggestions to you are sewn shut, aor final stand

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I'm in a metal/post-hXc experimental band (I front, meaning I scream/sing) with my bff (guitar), my little sister (synthesizers), & her bff (bass)(which happens to be my bff's little sister) and we're called I Am Dandelion Kitten (I don't know for short).

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I have came up with a name for my band that I was gonna make ( never gonna happen tho ) so I want you guys to have it if you like it... the name is : faint scream...( my username) hahaha

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The best way to get a band name, is to sit down with all the band members and think amongst your selves what is a special name that reflects your guys personalities.

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combine all of ya name together and work around that..."(That Chick & the 3 guys)" lol j.k I don't know

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