How to start off my fanfic?

Im writing a fanfic about how a girl falls in love with her ex best friend thats a famous rock singer. It’s suppose to be a funny comedy. But I don’t know how to start off the first chapter. Help!

Answer #1

Well you would want to start with something interesting to grip the reader and want them to keep reading. You could start off with her being forced by her parents, because they’re friends with his, to come to one of his concerts or family dinner. Something really funny should happen that would have the readers interest. You could try using real life experiences and write it in a way that can carry across feelings and emotions. Think of any funny or embarrassing moments youve had. Be descriptive when describing things to create an image in the readers head. Don’t start off with someone saying somethings because that can ruin the story. Maybe starting off with something like “The audience applauded as I cried. It was torture having to sit here listening to the sound of crazy fans and his screeching voice”. Then go into detail; when, who, where, what, why. When ending the first chapter, add a twist to it. Like he could say something at the end of his concert to touch the readers feelings, to put them in shock or to have them sitting on the edge of their seats. It’s all upto the way you want to write it. Realistic or clichéd. He could say something like “ Your gonna be loving the camp trip my family has planned for us then!”, after she tells him she can’t stand him or his shreiking voice. That will start a road for them to get to know each other better. Hope this helped!

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