How would I start this essay I have to write for a scholarship?

Answer #1

It has to be 500 words. I have to write about how my current knowledge of internation issues and cultures influence my under graduate study.

Any help would be great. :)

Answer #2

Start with a mindmap or brainstorming, just with notes. Your topic sounds very wide to me, I would personally limit it to a specific international issue or two (relevant to your undergraduate studies) and maybe one or two cultural influences. Then start writing.

Answer #3

i’m stuck on the issues, though. could you give me a few examples? i know there the oil spill…but that’s all i really know. blah. ha

Answer #4

You want us to tell you about your knowledge on international issues? Which obviously you have non, given that the oil spill is mainly a U.S. issue, and has not actually had an effect on any other countries (at least not yet). How about you try to maybe read the news and pick a subject that interests you and is relevant to whatever you want to major in. For example, when writing about becoming a therapist, I discussed civil war in Uganda, and the trauma and resultant mental issues including PTSD the child soldiers had experienced. It isnt that hard to write a 500 word essay on a subject that means something to you. The way to start the essay is by doing research. Research that we are not going to simply hand over to you.

Answer #5

no… i do have knowledge about issues. i’m just not a good writer. my last comment may have made me sound a little dumb about everything going on around me. i apoligize.

Answer #6

The start of a scholarship essay needs to capture the reviewer’s attention and thus has to have uniqueness and strength. In essence, it needs to be in your own words and not a quote, as most often do. One should avoid clichés and try establishing a personal connection. To ensure a higher chance, say something new and fresh.

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