Will Starcraft 2 ever come out?

Will Starcraft 2 ever come out?

Answer #1

StarCraft 2 RUMOR:

The long-awaited return of StarCraft has been rumored for years, and may finally happen if talk from developer Blizzard proves true – representatives from the company have hinted that a new StarCraft game may be one of its titles in the works and that it will announce its slate of working projects in 2007. However, nothing has been made official as to whether a full-fledged StarCraft sequel is in the works.

Answer #2

It has officially been announced by Blizzard themselves in their own “E3”. Check out their website. But if its not there it might of just been a develepors only type thing. But its deffinately coming!

Answer #3

yep. i just saw that this morning in the WOW annoucements.

Answer #4

Never. It is now 2010… this will go the way of the Starcraft Ghost game that could have been fun as heck and would still sell today - but never came to be. At this point the dev team for SC2 must have moved on to other things (or are completely disheartened and will never complete it).

Answer #5

it comes out in november, I think.

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