spots...arghhh (pimples in the USA)

how do I get rid of spots?

Answer #1

make sure to drink lots of water, cut back from sugary drinks, wash your face daily, also use face lotion(or you will dry it out) and if you have a pimple ready to be poped at night dont do it before you go to bed put some tooth PASTE (not gel!) on it, just a dab, it will help dry it out!

Answer #2

SPOTS ON MY FACE!!! pimples ahahaha I’ve never used that word in my entire life!!!

Answer #3

What kind of spots?

Spots on a shirt? I would try the Tide Spot Pen, it works pretty well. =]

Answer #4

umm.. spots as in acne? because if thats the case, drink a lot of water. You could also go to a dermatologist or doctor and they could give you stuff that really works. good luck

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