Sports rituals

What are some of your sports rituals or superstitions??

Answer #1

hello im skullhead.

-when I was a first grader I thought that Micheal Jordan would not go back to playing basketball. -I thought that Christiano Ronaldo likes to keep the ball for himself. -and I thought that Joe Vatollo doesn’t like baseball and that’s why he quit.(lol)

Answer #2

I dont personally have any but my friend always put his wrist band thing, you know the rubbery strechy kind, in his shoe before he runs a race, I think its kinda dumb but whatev

Answer #3

ha ha I’m a hockey goalie,we are superstitious and have weird a tournament I always get dressed the same way. after we score hit my posts the same way.NEVER say the S word for those who don’t know what it is than you don’t know hockey very well

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