Spiky hair

I have long hair but I have it cut in layers How do you make it long and spiky? Almost like liberty spikes… I know clay/spray/mouse/gel but howww?? Much love

Answer #1

I had a mohawk and after many weeks of experimenting with different products I found the cheapest and simplest method of spiking it was 1st of all time it does take quite a while so be patiecent 2nd a good high quality hairspray the 1 I preferd was shockwaves ultra-strong hold then a hair dryer spikes were easyer than the fanned out look basicly you can just grab the amount of hair your wanting in your spike and spray loads of the hair spray in it starting from the roots up then dry it with the hair dryer this will most likely need to be repeated a few times to get it soild also I found it helped to put a slight twist in the spike towards the top to help it stick together ( be careful when washing this out though it can have a tendancy to rip hairs out if you impatient lol ).

Answer #2

well it does take a bit of patience and time thats for sure! youll need some spray or wax, ect, a comb, and a hairdryer do a small section at a time and comb the wax, ect through your hair while blowdrying it untill its hard and is sticking up you might want to get someone to help you if your hair is long or for the back of your hair if you cant get to it then once youve gone spray it to hold it in place

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