What is the best way to get a spiked Mohawk for medium hair?

Im trying to give myself a spiked Mohawk, im a girl obviously but i have medium to short layers..

Answer #1

use got2b spike gel, and hair freezer, i use to have a mohawk and those worked GREAT. It can be expensive if you constantly run out though.

Answer #2

Hair-spray haha, and lots of it. You can use eggs as well if you’re cheap.

Answer #3

Thanks :)

Answer #4

Got2b glue is what I used to spike my hair. It was so hard you could flick it and knock on my hair! Bend over in a bathtub so gravity will help you and blow dry downside. You can do it with hair spray too. Instead of eggs (yuck) if your going real cheap… do Elmer glue. It’s probably hell on your hair, i never did it, but i know alot of people who did.

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