Spiderbites And Braces?

My mother promised me that I could get one or two piercings on my birthday. I want spiderbites. I’m a veryy impatient person,and asked her if I could get it earlier. I have braces (a full mouth of metal!) and was wondering if I could get spiderbites sooner. Like,if I wore rings instead of studs,so the piercings won’t get caught in my braces? Could I go ahead and get them? **I really don’t know when I’m getting these braces off,but I’m wearing my elastic bands all the time,so I could get them off 4 months early! Yeee!!

Answer #1

rings would get caught worse . wait till there out . because if they get caught .. they can rip throught your lip. I know a friend who was in the same posision XD she got them . and one ripped through . :/ . xxx.

Answer #2

Don’t get the spiderbites until after you get your braces off, it would be SOOO much easier that way.

Answer #3

Most piercers will not pierce you with braces. you should wait until they are taken off.

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