Spicy Foods?

Why do people brag about how they can handle spicy foods because of where they’re from? Does that really matter? just because you’re from a certain place does not mean you can handle spicy foods!! it just means you’ve grown up eating it and you’re used to it!! It confuses me…

Answer #1

I’m from South Lousiana, home of creole and cajun cooking, very spicy. I dont see anything wrong with bragging about something like that - everyone likes to brag about things sometimes - who cares. If it makes you feel better about yourself - what harm is it doing.

Answer #2

I’m just wondering. no harm done, but some people over do it a little bit. my friend went on for days… that’s a little too much.

Answer #3

Some people just like to brag - no matter what it’s about. Usually people who brag about something a lot, is very insecure and is trying to find something that they can feel good about.

Answer #4

Some people are proud of their culture and love talking about it. Like how some people say they can consume large amounts of beer because of their heritage etc..

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