Touched sperm chance of getting pregnant

Someone told me that if there was sperm on a towel and I girl touched it then touched herself afterwards she has a chance of getting pregnant. Is this true?

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I dont want to somebody told me that it was possible and I didnt think so but I was not sure thats all ...

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whoever told you that, sounds pretty stupid
sperm dies when it reaches the air
so its highly, highly unliky that you would fall pregnant from touhching sperm on a towel and then touching yourself
on the other hand, why would you even want to in the first place?

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...You are eighteen years old and a certified nurse. I highly doubt that as nurse training is two years in a college and you cannot get out of school until you are seventeen minimum. So... Yeah.. If you were a nurse you would have agreed with me seeing as semen dies excessively fast outside of the human body. :/

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That would depend on the time limit. Sperm dies outside of the human body withen a matter of minutes. So unless it was like done withen minutes before you touched it, ( Meaning it would still be nice and white and warm to touch) Then obviously any girl would wash their hands I would think... But anyways.. Not 100% sure but there is a slim chance if the time limit is short enough.

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I am a nurse and yes she would how old is she?

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