Where are you going to spend Thanksgiving this year?

Answer #1

My boyfriend’s grandparents house with all of his family, and then here at our house with my family.

Answer #2

We spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family last year so this year were eating and celebrating with my fiances side. Gotta keep it fair.

Answer #3

I have to make the rounds, first I have to go to my grandparents, they are 100 miles down the road. I will be doing lunch there, then I have to go to my mom’s for dinner that night, that is 150 miles and I am staying there till noon the next day. Then we are off to my dad’s for a night there another 100 miles. I have a very full week and weekend.

Answer #4

My house(:

Answer #5

Working. :/ 2pm to 10pm.

Answer #6

My brother works from 7am to 12pm.

Answer #7

i m going to my home for celebrating cristmus and new year

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