How should I spell the name Leeah, Leah, Leigha, etc... what is the best way to spell it without it looking weird?

Her middle name will be Nicole, what is the best way to spell her first name, so that it is cute and don’t look weird. Also, if you have anymore spellings other than the three I listed, please post them.

Answer #1

Leah would be the normal way, I think. But I kind of find myself liking Leeah.

Answer #2

Leah is one of those names i think should be left alone, some names look good when you change the spelling but those just look weird to me.

Answer #3

I’ve seen it spelled like Lea =) Also, I think Leigha is more pronounced (LAY-a) Haha, or at least it would probably be mistaken for that…

Answer #4

Liah or Leeah :)

Answer #5

My name is Lea. Pronounced Laya. I’d go for Laya, so people do not say the name incorrectly

Answer #6

Well I wanted it to be pronounced (Lee-ah) because my fiance’s middle name is “Lee”. Thank you though. =]

Answer #7

i like leigha because its an unusuall way :)

Answer #8

lea or leah

Answer #9

Leah is nice(=

Answer #10

Leah. love the name:)

Answer #11

I think Lea is the most perfect way Thanks ever so much for viewing!

Answer #12

i think u should jus spell it Lea. but i think michelle nicole goes better together instead of lea nicole.

Answer #13

I like leeah!

Answer #14

I have always like the name Leah and would spell it Leah.

Answer #15

i know a girl who spells it lea :P but i like it spelled leah

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