Spaying/Neutering cats & dogs.

If you aren’t breeding for improve the breed of dog or cat or have healthy, grade A show dogs, you shouldn’t be breeding AT ALL. “Backyard Breeder” is a term my co-rescuers and I use here at Raven’s Rescue and Free To Live animal Sanctuary use to describe people who breed animals to later sell their un-altered [spayed/neutered] puppies on Craigslist or in the newspaper for top dollar. The parents are usually much too young, un-healthy and aren’t of breed standards. They breed runts to runts to achieve a smaller, “tea-cup” size dog. Some backyard breeders own PUPPY MILLS, keeping their dogs in cramped, filthy kennels and fail to give the needed medical care to the pregnant parents and puppies.

Also, regular people who have un-altered pets let their dogs get randomly bred by a fence jumper, creating usually mixed puppies that will probably someday end up on the streets or in a shelter because they “got too big” or some sorry excuse like that. The world is over-populated with dogs and cats. It will never stop, but you can do your part by taking un-altered pets to a cheap clinic that speicalizes in altering pets. You can find these clinics in your area by searching for them on the internet.

Animals who are spayed/neutered live longer, happier lives. The risk of testicular cancer in males and ovarian/breast cancer in females will be deminished. They don’t have to go through unhappy heats and will be less likely to run away in search of a mate. Males will be less likely to spray/mark. Males will be less likely to fight or show agressiveness towards other dogs.

Sorry for the speech, but I wanted to find anyone out there who AGREES WITH ME.

Answer #1

I can assure you that many of us regular pet question answerers, agree wholeheartedly with you…

It feels like there’s about 50 litters a week born to people on just this site alone…of those, I only know two good breeders here…the rest are BYB’s and accidents.


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