How were you spankind

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the wooden spoon we called "the tickler"

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Paddle or Hand on my Bottom... :( sadly it never worked which lead to worse things.

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I use to get a wooden paddle with holes drilled through it that said, IT HURTS. and I got it bare bottom when I was bad,

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my dad used to take the " maka belt " and spank me with it

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My mom mostly used the hairbrush on the bare hiney for both me and my brother. When we were younger she used a fly swatter or a paint stirring stick. The day I burned a hole in the living room rug she introduced me to the hairbrush. WOW - that was even worse than the stick or the fly swatter.

My dad only spanked a couple of times with his belt. But it was called a "lickin' with the strap". But mom and the hairbrush were the worst.

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My dad has never hit me.
My mom on the other hand has just just like a slap on the face.

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Single open-handed swat to the bottom.
My parents always said "More than one is taking out the parents anger."

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With a wooden spoon ('rod of correction') with my pants and underwear down, until mom's arm got tired, lol.

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I was normally spanked with a wooden paddle, but if i really did something very bad. My dad would use his military belt on me while i was in my pj's.

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