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Spanked as an adult.

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Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home.

About a year after I moved back home after college, my mom became fed up with my immature behavior and temper tantrums. She informed me if I was going to act like a child then she would treat me like one. A rude awakening for me, she brought one of those large bath brushes, and paddled my bottom with it. It's more of an embarrassing spanking than painful, I mean it stings pretty good, but thats it. She didn't want to paddle my bare bottom but definitely wanted to take my pants down, so she came up with the idea of putting me in punishment panties to get paddled in. It kind of makes sense since I am mostly in thong panties anyway. She uses my college cheerleading uniform panties. Yes, spankies. So she takes my pants completely off and puts me in the spankies, and then over her knee. Totally embarrassing. After she paddles me she either sends me to my room or puts me in the corner. Even more embarrassing. The most humiliating thing is that my behavior has gradually improved. My best friend thinks it's hilarious. I guess I need to grow up or move out. Until then, my bottom gets put up and paddled like a little spoiled brat, and I do learn my lesson, eventually. :)