Does drinking a lot of soy milk really make your boobs grow?

Does drinking a lot of soy milk really make your boobs grow?? because I know there is like a lot of hormonal stuff in it and thats why tis not always good for guys

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Yeah it does!
My cousin how truned vegatarin always drinks Soy Milk.
In freshman year she was an A. Now she is almost a D!
She is a senior now

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No, I really don't think it does.
There isn't ways to make your boobs grow or shrink. You are who you are and nothing can change that. Be yourself, and accept your body even if you aren't happy with it. I'm sure there is the odd myth out there, but its common sence. You just need some self-esteem. And I think thats something that you should work on.

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I've drank a lot of soy milk but not too much and I have seen a difference but not a great one so it depends on the person too

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wow datz rndom I've it duz b sur 2 tell mii

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I hope not

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never heard of it..but if it does let me know lolz...

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I'be nevre heard of that, but I sure want to find out.
lol ;)

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Soy milk contains natural phyto-estrogens. So in theory yes. You would probably have to drink an awful lot to make it work though.

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Lots of foods contain natural estrogen which are good for your body. I don't know that it affects the size of your breasts, but I believe it does.

It probably just doesn't affect them that much.

There are lists online of foods that contain natural estrogen, but if you get to much you might get to hormonal or PMSy.

One thing that does work is going on COCP (birth control pills).

COCP works by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant, so your breasts are tricked as well.

They won't start producing milk or anything,they'll just get bigger. But as to how much depends on the person.

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milk helps your bones to grow...if you drink a lot of it then you will put on a few pounds but that will be in your hips, butt,breasts,arms,..everywhere..its like any other food . if you eat a lot or drink a lot you will gain weight with larger body parts

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Breasts contain mammary glands and fatty tissues. If your breasts are larger it was due to 3 possibilities:
you are pregnant, you gained weight, or you had a growth spurt!!!

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