Why do we sound good in the shower when we sing?

Answer #1

Because the waters loud and it drowns out our horribleness.

Answer #2

because it echos against the walls and since theres no carpet or nothing to stop echos the sound gets amplified making it sound louder and better depending on who u r

Answer #3

haha that makes me laugh.

Answer #4

You sound great when nobody is around lol…

Answer #5

positive ionization from the falling water puts us in an optimistic mood. At that point, everything sounds,looks, and feels better.

Answer #6

Haha if you think you sound good, who cares what others think? Just sing your heart out in the shower bu nowhere else(;

Answer #7

Similar to what Jennifer Cassidy (above) said. I know of at least one artist, (John Mellencamp) who recorded one or more acoustic songs in a bathroom because he liked the way it sounded.

Answer #8

because the heat from the water expands our chests and we feel more confident

Answer #9

This made me laugh:)

Answer #10

The best way is using the Professional Headphones. Like the Beats by Dre Studio headphones.

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