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Does this sound like pregnancy symptoms?

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I Had Sex (protected & un protected) on the 30th Of January.

Didn't Get My Period In February.

And Now It's March And If I Were Pregnant I'd Be About 4 1/2 Weeks,

So Far The Symptoms I've Had: - I'm Nauseous But I Haven't Vomited Yet. -I've Had Terrible Headaches. -My Appetite Has Changed A Little. -I'm Dizzy, To The Point I Can Barely Stand. -Smells Make Me Nauseous. -Urinating A Little More. And -I'm Sleepy More Than Usual.

A Little Thing I'm Worried About Is I Had A Kidney Transplant In '09 It's Been Long Enough For Me To Have A Baby If I Wanted,

My Kidney Is Healthy Enough And Some Symptoms Like Urinating & Appetite Can Be My Medicine. But I Take A Steroid Called "Prednisone" I Also Take Kidney Rejection Medication Like Prograf, CellCept And Blood Pressure Medicine.

So I'm Scared If I Am Pregnant Will It Affect The Baby.

(S/N) I Have A Doctors Appointment To My Kidney Doctor In April So I Plan On Taking A Test Then, But I Just Want To Know What Others Suspect & Think.