Are sorbets a healthier alternative to ice cream?

Answer #1

In terms of fat, yes. In terms of sugar, absolutely not.

Answer #2

But you don’t need sugar to make a yummy sorbet. Just drop a package of your favorite frozen fruit in the blender.

Most often, I use half frozen mango and the other half could be either some silken tofu (that’s the softest kind) or some cooked sweet potato or butternut squash or - my wife’s preference - carrots (notice the color theme?). I thin it out with rose water or carrot juice or soy milk, just enough to let the fruit and veg blend thoroughly in a thick paste, top it with some nutmeg and a few fresh blueberries, dish it out into some cups, and pop it back into the freezer to chill for an hour or so. It is surprisingly, perfectly sweet without a grain of sugar.

But, again, any frozen fruit can work as the basis for an unsweetened but deliciously sweet and healthy sorbet, according to your own creativity.

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