Can a rabbit mate with a guinea pig?

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we didn't think it was possible but yes they can. My dad had a fenced rabbit cage and my neice put her male guinea pig in there to have the rabbits as company...the offspring? they resembled rabbits...but were the same color as the guinea pig with smaller ears than a rabbit and guinea pig legs - they were really cute, but the bad thing was that the poor babies couldn't walk very well. We ended up giving them away so I don't know what became of them.

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But then how did a rabbit and a cat breed being called a cabbit

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I think they can . besides they look the same. WHY NOT !

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because they are different species, they have different numbers of chromosomes, so they can't mate, only animals with the same number of chromosomes can mate. :)

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A horse and a donkey are different species, but they can breed to make a mule. A horse and zeebra make a Zorse (I have seen one). A lion and tiger breed together make a liger. These breeding are due to the 2 parents breeding are both decendants of the same evolutionary branch. They all are 99.999% the same (Genetically), so breeding is possible. But the resulting offspring end up being sterile, and are unable to breed themselves. So this is possible, and has happened before in labs.
My source: Life expierence and the
History Channel: Monster (Russian scientist tried to breed chimps with humans)

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That's me!

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No. They aren't the same species. Different looking dogs can breed because they're still the same species. Horses and donkeys can breed because they're ALMOST the same species, but their offspring are always infertile. Rabbits and guinea pigs are both rodents but aren't the same species at all, so they can't breed.

There is a difference between mate and breed, I suppose. My psychotic cat tries to mate with a blanket, but he obviously couldn't breed with it (i.e. have babies). So maybe they might get on very well, but they won't have babies.

Did you want them to mate, or would you rather they didn't?

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My dog mates with my leg, so...Yes, they can...send me the video

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no! Guinnea pigs are rodents and rabbits arent!

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your retarted

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Oh no, I've said rabbits are rodents and melissa says they're not! Now I'm panicking!

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lazalvajecom and mickey247 can you please email me a picture of the guine pig rabbits (if you have any) so that I can see them? My email is Thanks!

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Actually my gunniea pig was sharing q cage with my sister's rabbit and she just called my saayng that there are little rabbit pigs in the cage and all I could do was laugh.

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