songwritting help?

I want to write a cute son for me and my boyfriend but cantthink of anything… help?

Answer #1

yes I agree with broken hearted.

Answer #2

awww thats cute I write music to. You just have to write about what if feel about your boyfriend. I wrote a song about my boyfriend called other dudes. The concept of the song was many dudes might try to talk to me but my love I focused on him and I dont care about these other dudes lol. You just have to write about whats in your heart and how you feel about your boyfriend.

Answer #3

I think thats sweet =] well im a song writer and a musician, and I use my feelings as inspirattion. don’t just sit down and try to write. you need to let it come to you. keep a notebook or piece of paper with you at all times and write down sayings or ryhmes that describe how you feel and at some point put them all together. Music is all about how it makes you feel and how you want your boyfriend to feel while hearing it. Music is all about feeling. Don’t push yourself. Just relax and it’ll come naturally to you. and dont put too much thought into it just let it flow and it’ll jsut come to you.

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