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What are some songs about long distance friendships?

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i moved two years ago to maine and left behind all my wondefull firends back where i moved from (kuwait). I know, soo far away. It was very hard getting used to everything! Literally took me one and a half years to get used to maine. Anyway, i miss my best friend most of all. We did everything together and now we dont even talk. I would like to know if there are some songs about long distance firendships and how hard it is? Before you start hating on me because kuwait is a arab country and all. First of all, you shouldn't be hating on arabs and muslims because they are just like us and not all of them are terroists so don't be so stereotypal. Second of all, I am not arab or muslim, I am an american christian who was born and raised in kuwait but recently moved to maine. So basically i lived in kuwait most of my life. So don't even hate on me about being a terroist or whatever cuz im not even muslim. In fact dont even hate ion anyone about it. K? :) So anyways back to the point of this question, haha, what are some songs about long distance friendships? Thanks, love you guys <3