How many songs and apps, etc., can a iPod Touch 4g 8gb hold?

i want a ipod touch 4g , wondering if 8gb would be enough because i listen to ALOT of songs and apps etc

Answer #1

From what I’ve heard it can hold upto 1750-2000 songs. It plays about 5-10 hours of video. You can have over 90 apps, depending on the apps file size. It depend though on how much data you put in. If you waste up with 8GB with songs then you have less free space for videos and apps. Likewise for the videos and apps. I’d go for the 16GB, you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting up space quickly. It’s only about $100 extra. I had the 8GB, and it was so much easier to use up the gb. You can have double the amount of apps, videos, songs, photos then the 8GB with a 16GB.

Answer #2

depends on the songs and apps mine has like 1048 songs atm and can still take like 600 more but i have pretty big ones, hope that helps oh and its not 4g, just 4 :P

Answer #3

They don’t have 16gb itouch 4g, there is 8, 32, and 64 :) I got 32. With it having a video camera and camera aswell you’ll want more space. Go the 32 gb, we can FaceTime !!!

Answer #4

Woops I didn’t know there wasn’t a 16GB. As mowen41 said, go for the 32 GB.

Answer #5

Woops I didn’t know there wasn’t a 16GB. As mowen41 said, go for the 32 GB.

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