What is the song "Like Toy Soldiers" about?

Can someone explain the song “Like Toy Soldiers” by Eminem to me? I don’t think I get what his inspiration for the song was…

Answer #1

probably teh same as the martika original and better version..

martikas version was about being addicted to dr@gs

Answer #2

it was about soilders, well parts are, i guess hes saying that rappers are like soilders. killing out of hate and other dumb stuff. and he talks about having 50 cent and some guy named ja on the radio, and i guess ja said in magizines that they stabbed him, because one of ja’s songs talked about emenims mom being a crak head and he wondered wat hallie would grow up to be. just a song about rapper drama

Answer #3

Basically a couple of rap groups have a “beef” which is basically like an argument (but can be more violent).

Then Ja Jule disses Eminem - insulting his mum, and Hailie in one of his songs, and Eminem gets really angry, and joins the fight too. But Dr Dre (Eminem’s producer), tells Eminem to stay out of it so he does. So Eminem is basically telling everyone to stop fighting in his song, like calling a truce.

The guy on the operating table in the video is Eminem’s best friend, Proof, who, in the video, got shot by one of the “rap gangs”. But, ironically, 2 years after Eminem made the video, Proof was shot and died. Eminem was really upset because he was his best friend.

The whole Chorus is just about how Eminem has people he can rely on to always support him and “take his back”.

That’s kinda like the basics. You could probably find more details doing a search on the internet. Hope this helped :D I love Eminem <3

Answer #4

I asked the same thing lol, people told me he wrote it after his friend 2pac was shot, and I think he wrote it for the other rappers that died (Biggie smalls, Big L, etc.)

Answer #5

Thank you, I had an idea what it was about but wasn’t completely sure. Do you by chance know what song Ja Jule dissed Eminem in?

Answer #6

I know, it is confusing :P Well, it was called Loose Change, at the end Ja says: “Em ya claim ya mother’s a crackhead and Kim is a known sl*t, so what’s Haley gon’ be when she grows up?”

Answer #7

Actually…I’ll age myself here…. but the song was originally done by a girl named Martika. She was on this kid show called Kids Incorporated with Fergie when they were kids. The song is actually about drug abuse. I remember when I was a kid, hearing stories that she wrote it about her then best friend- Boy George, but that could just be a rumor. But Eminem redid it…and the girl you hear singing in his song may be samples of Martika..I’m not sure. I’m not up on my Eminem enough to know. haha. I may have just made that up.

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