What is a song me and my sister can dance to?

Answer #1

what kind of dancing are you talking about.

Answer #2

just something like we can do in our dance team

Answer #3

i know at my school.they will mix many songs together.like modern ones.so it could be from like any artist.just make sure its up beat..

Answer #4

well me and my sis r the leader and we have no steps or song yet

Answer #5

Dancing On My Own - Robyn We Are Young - Fun Starships - Nicki Minaj

Find something that has a catchy beat that isn’t too fast or isn’t too slow.

Answer #6

Hm, I should have kissed you by Chris brown chachi Gonzales made an awesome routine to it, YouTube it. Or I think I posted it here check my vids

Answer #7

evacuate the dance floor is good

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