What song is being over played on the radio?

Answer #1


Can we pretend that the airplanes all dieddddd, i could really use that right now.

Answer #2

I LOVE this song, but- Dynamite lolz.

Answer #3

one of Eminem’s songs idk what its called

Answer #4

Agreed with Irene about Airplanes. I also think any Taylor Swift song is overplayed. Breakeven by The Script has definitely been overplayed lately. I used to like that song a lot but now I’m tired of it. I’m sure there are more

Answer #5

I love the way yuh lie…OMG SHuT UP lol

Answer #6

Love the way you lie. :/ i love the song , but damn.!

Answer #7

Haha I kno!!

Answer #8

abba - dancing queen

Answer #9

Airplanes and since i’m in France they always play Sexion d’Assaut Wati B and Jena Lee je me perds.

Answer #10

Eminem-Love the way you lie or w.e its called >.< its so annoying now

Answer #11

There is a Talkback/Top 40 wireless station down in Melbourne (Australia) that, every time I tune into it, is playing “Peggy Sue”, performed by Mr. Buddy Holly.

Answer #12

“if its love” “californa gurlz” “airplanes” “bad romance” ugh, is it even music anymore? -_-

Answer #13

drake find your love.

Answer #14

just thee way yoou aree.lovee thee song but its gonna get annoying after a whilee.

Answer #15

love the way you lie

Answer #16

california girls, airplanes, bulletproof.

Answer #17

California Gurls

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