Somewhat over-whelmed

Having a crisis in my life. I am a empolyed nurse,3 wonderful children,good husband.6 months ago I broke my ankle, and had to have surgery. since then,ihave had another extensive, painful &tramatic surgery in which I will be in a cast for 8 weeks. Thias is causing depressionand anxiety for me, but worst of all; all of my belief in myself has dissapeared. I lack hope and enlightenment. I used to be able to say positive and encouraging words to others, but know I don’t hear them or feel them in myself…what should I do?

Answer #1

Count all your blessings - you mentioned 5, look at the others - be Thankful and some prayer will get you through !!

Answer #2

as you well know, depression is VERY common after an injury, you’ve completely lost your purpose and role in life, or at least it feels that way. you’re normally active, busy andmore importantly, very needed…but now, your the one who NEEDS others…and it’s a bit poop…especially when there is things that need doing, but you can’t do them…

it doesn’ matter if an injury is short or long term, it can still cause depression…look at whats REALLY bothering you about being do dependent on everyone else..and sort it out. you’re normally a women who is obviously in control and in charge…you can still take charge from your chair - you’re a mum!!!

in addition to this, you feel ‘it’s just a broken ankle, I should be over this by now?’ but some injury, as you well know, are more complicated than others and may require more attention…

it’s up to you, personally I would avoid it, but if it will help you why don’t you speak to your doc about going on a milk anti-depressant…1 in 6 people develp depression in their life, so you’re not alone, and people with injurys etc have a much higher rate…if this is going to be ongoing then you need to do something to help you. your mental health is a huge part of your recovery, and you need to be in the best shape possble, both physically and emotionally to get better…

just work out what’s bothering you…is it the injury? is it loosing your routine…or not having one?

nurses make the worst patients ;) lol - take care x

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