Something romantic for someone who isn't?

I’ve been with this girl for a good month and a half now and I REALLY like her and shes not the mushy lovey dovey type and neither am I but every so often something romantic would light things up a bit but I have NO idea what I should do for someone who is not all that mushy or w/e. Any ideas comments anything is much appreciated. Thanks :)

Answer #1

Just do small things to show how much you really appreciate her… tell her you are taking her somewhere… but it is a surprise… and go to a nature trail and bring a picnic and just talk and laugh. It’s guaranteed to be a good time :)

Answer #2

Always something spontaneous and personal to the girl. NO PRACTICAL GIFTS aka, a lamp or clock or something that is useful in everyday life. I usually keep chocolate hidden in the house for my wife so whenever she is having a nervous breakdown or stressed with the kids or something I just go get a piece and give it to her while I handle the situation. Like jaceb said, “Just do small things to how much”.

Answer #3

Hmm, are there any days upcoming that are important? Or like a b-day or something? Or you could just schedule a normal date with her. And be casual, and then when the day comes you can be like super romantic by going to pick her up with roses. Rose= Happiness for girls. Then think of something, something unique that’s not just a movie at a theater. Anything that she likes? Keep that in mind as you think of an event. Lol, I hope I at least helped a little. And remember at the end of the day, a good night kiss would be nice for a girl like her.

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