Bump on my nipple

Okayyy. Dont be pervs about this people but okayy the other day my nipple started hurting and I looked at it and theres like this hugeee bump on my actual nipple so it looks like I have 2 nipples…it hurts wicked bad…what could it be? Pleasee help!

Answer #1

I have a hard bump on my nipple to, im 17 & have a 17month old daughter, I had milk ducks which would let out a white substance, but this bump is really sore and tender, it came last night, & today its more sore, im panicing it is cancer, & it takes forever to get booked into my doctor, help please

Answer #2

Do you have an IUD or irregular periods? I had one as well and went for the sono and everything imaginable w/ fear. Turns out that my IUD had caused me to stop having periods and so there was a cyst/buildup of hormones. I was told to massage it gently in the shower w/ warm water and soap (so it becomes slippery and easy to massage). After a week or 2, it went away. Give that a try and if it doesn’t help contact the nurse at your OB/GYN. She can tell you anything else you can try or if the dr will want to see you. Don’t stress about it though b/c it can make it not heal as quickly. Best Wishes!

Answer #3

Yeah I agree with ichibanarky it may be nothing so dont panic yourself but its better to be sure so dont mess about just get yourself booked in to the doctors soon.

Answer #4

stay calm get it checked out

Answer #5

Go to the doctor.

It could be harmless, but you don’t mess around with things like this.

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