Somebody control my pc how can i stop it?

some time my pc internet stopped or very slow and data also theft

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when you say data theft what do you mean?

are you classing data as sum images that were stored on your hdd that may have been accidentally deleted?

Get a better browser!11!

Also if things are starting to slow down try a defrag, clean all your temp internet files, all you c-windows-temp files, and if your feeling really adventurous manually clean your registry...

do you get ramdom xxx popups? has your homepage changed?

~Use the free version of AVG contains anti-virus and anti-spyware
I use the paid version and its fantastic :)

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maybe your computer hacked or there is a system error in your pc so you must find it the problem first and download the latest antivirus(or antimalware,antitspy...)

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ANSWER #3 of 3

Disconnect your computer from the internet NOW if you suspect something is wrong. Then using a CD, install spybot, some anti virus software, etc.

Can I find out what motherboard my pc has?

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