Some girlll!

theres this girl I met an shes really cool and she has an adams apple lol but I don't know if thats normal an could she be like a man really??!

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ANSWER #1 of 5 THATS coool!!! maybe she just has them..u know...
well does she still sound like a girl??
perserverance_18..I dont think the fingers have anything to do wit either of the sexes!!
I think you shud ask her for urself..that way ull be pretty sure..
but there s still 50 % chance she would lie abt it..phh..what the heck..ask her!!lol

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shes pretty hott lol but its still there even if its pretty small an shes really skinny an patite sooo idkk im not gonna be like hyy girl are you aguy lol becus she deffinitly doesnt look like one!

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My ring fingers smaller than my index and I'm definately a girl. So that can't be true. Plus I heard it was the other way round anyways.

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evryone has an adams apple. guys's just stick out more. I think its ok if a girl has one.. I don't know, though.

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I agree wit that dude above me

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