What are some solutions to rid of violence in video games that the public could do?

It is just for a public speaking thing. I have to offer solutions but I can’t come up with any >.<

Answer #1

Anyone who does not like violence in games, should not buy those games that contain violence.

Games companies will not waste their time and money marketing stuff that people do not want to buy.

However: many people do like violent games, and games companies operate a legitimate business by catering for those who wish to buy their products.

What makes you believe that it is appropriate to interfere with other people’s right to reasonable enjoyment or to earn a living by entertaining people via legally approved games ?

– Majikthise.

Answer #2

No I don’t it’s school work =).

Answer #3

The fact that it is school work does not mean that you have to give answers that you do not believe to be true. To do so might simply mean that you are allowing yourself to be a willing participant in your own brain-washing.

In my opinion, it is perfectly reasonable to argue a case that the stated premise is fundamentally flawed - if you believe that to be the case (as I do in the specific question you ask).

I imagine that there are some “schools” who asked their former pupils to write detailed answers to the question:

“ What are some solutions to ensure young people do their duty by becoming su!cide bombers in support of their faith “

– Majikthise.

Answer #4

Signing petitions, and just not buyin the violent games

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