Soft lips.

Is their any kind of lipbalm or anything that makes your lips soft quick? My lips are really dry and theirs a lot of dead skin. I hate it :(

Answer #1

no, not really to get rid of the dead skin ou need to exfoliate it it doesnt just fall off when you put lip balm over it so grab an exfoliating glove or use a toothbrush, put some sugar or itand lightly scrub in circles untill the dead skin is gone then once the dead skins gone, put lip balm ove it one with vitamine e in it is good

Answer #2

burt’s bees is really good, soft lips is good too,

for me. I used to get dry lips all the time, I used to keep (any brand) chapstick on m night stand and put a layer on at bedtime, it’ll disolve and dry by the time I woke up, and during the day I would only used burt’s bees ONCE and for 3-4 years now, I have never had dried lips

Answer #3
  1. when you brush your teeth brush over your lips to get rid of dead skin

  2. using vaseline or chapstick :D

Answer #4

try using a toothbrush and sugar to take the dead skin off your lips first. and soft lips is a good chapstick to try.

Answer #5

when you take a hot shower, it will be easy to pull the dead skin off. then use something that not only soothes but really works. I used blistex and burt’s bees :]

Answer #6

Put a lot of vaseline on your lips. Gently scrub your lips with a dry toothbrush, to remove dry, dead skin. Apply Blistex chapstick (only 99 cents, and it’s great) or Nivea chapstick to your lips regularly. Keep them moisturized by putting a lot of vaseline before bed each night and sleeping with it until your lips come back to normal! Then just take care of them by putting on chapstick a lot.

Answer #7

do this right before you go to bed 1.get your lips wet with warm water and then get a toothbrush, rub your lips with the toothbrush in circular motions (not too hard), to get rid of the dead skin. 2.apply loads of vasaline, I mean loads, then go to bed. 3.when you wake up wash the remainder of the vasaline off and apply a normal amount of lip balm and you’ll have perfect kissable lips! =]

Answer #8

blistex it works great and fast but if lips are really bad it may sting a bit at first

Answer #9

I use polysporin in winter… that helps me… =]

Answer #10

belistic and soft lips but first take the dead skin off :)

Answer #11

I use vaseline everynight , it works for me.

Answer #12

dry the stuff called…soft lips =] it works =]

Answer #13

mix honey and suger with a little vaseline (or petrolium jelly). rub it on like a lip scrub and then wipe of with a wet washcloth

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