Soccer Cleats/boots

What boots are your favorite?

Would you recomend The TUNITS or another boot?

any advice would be helpful. I’ve seen just as many good reviews as bad reviews for the Adidas Tunits.

Answer #1

Damn, I Got the F50’s too! they are crazy sick! I love the look and feel. They really do feel like a glove! and very good touch! I can’t wait to play more in them. They just got here today.

Answer #2

all the above are great boots, I have addidas F50’s there great, but I say go for nike legends, like reo.

Answer #3

Nike Legends, I own a pair of these the off the mark speed you can get in them and they are so good at dribbling and ball control, also passing feels comfortable in them. I would really recommend these.

Answer #4

Tunits are great if you have the money to buy it but ill also recommend nike mercurial,if you are more on offense.

Answer #5

I got the new +F50.9 boots imported before they came out here. an yes they are 100% the best boot mines cost 220 euros which is about 280 dollers maybe.. anyway if I wer 2 reccomend a boot appart from f50 id say the new prdators.. also and excellant boot. :)

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