Soccer don't want to go to practice, how can I avoid it?

I have soccer practis today at 5! And I dont want to go, how can I get my grandma to forget about it?

Answer #1

I don’t know… I have a soccer game tonight but I’m not going on account of I threw up four times in the past 24 hours.
make yourself go to practice, and run your butt off!

that’s my advice.

Answer #2

tell her you have a headache. or just go in the shower close to when you have to leave ((blast music too so you can’t hear her))

Answer #3

well if yu want to play the sport you should go to practice and work your butt off to be better at that sport instead of skippin it or just dont play

Answer #4

IF you want to be realisitc, take some (5) vitamin C tabelets, you will be sick for 1 day, or you culd lie XD

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