Soda which one is your fav.

Soda which one is your fav. Me I like lotz but I have to say sprit!!!=]

Answer #1

I like vitamin water better then any soda everr! :D BUT if I had to choose it’d be coke or pepsi..:]

Answer #2

I love sprite I drink that everyday and coke but I hate dr pepper

Answer #3

mountain dew!

Answer #4

dr.pepper fer sure

Answer #5

Sprite or Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Answer #6


Answer #7


lol so unhealthy…

Answer #8

Dr.Pepper :)

Answer #9

oooh I looveee rootbeer, and coke! with vanilla icecream!!!… ah man now im beginning to crave… and im suppost to be eating healthier too… lol

Answer #10

sprite!!! lol. its like one of the ONLY sodas I can drink. because its not caffinated or sumthin. lol. ^_^

Answer #11

hahaha yeah its soo unhealthy but I have to say dr.pepper is one of my fav too!!!=]

Answer #12

Mountain dew, Orange fantna, Orange crush, cherry coke, cherry pepsi… I drink too much soda… lol

Answer #13

I drink a crap load of soda..

Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi Cherry RC Dr. pepper Mountain Dew… But never Coke… ewww … X0

Answer #14

Mountain dew,Big red,Pepsi max,Ginger ale,and Orange crush :)

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