SO..I'm watching the Chalelle show...

this is hardly about love lol… so I was watching the Chapelle Show and he made think about a couple of great points. I have my own answers to them but I really want to see where other people stand on this, guys and girls, straight and gay, and what you think…

  1. why is it that guys find gay men F**kkin incredibly gross but looove lesbians?

  2. if a guy has a threesome it like makes him the stud of the centruy in his book, but if a woman has a threesome guys are like EW, you ‘ho!

Answer #1

well guys are just double standard

I personally find nuthin wrong wit homosexuality but do like lesbians lol butguys wud rather see 2 girls havin sex then 2 dudes and personally so wud I and da term “hoe” is very hypocritical cuzits ok wit guys 2 have sex wit a bunch of girls but if a chick does it its adifferent story it just comes dowm 2 sum males thinkin their superior ovr women and it all comes down 2 hypocrits but I assure you not all guys are like that but as 4ar as the popuation goes majority rules but dats life

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