girlfriend thinks I value snowboarding over our relationship

ok, well, im 16 and I’ve been doing snowboarding since before I could walk… I can do almost every trick… and my girlfriend thinks I value snowboarding over our relationship. snowboarding has also ‘ruined’ 5 other relationships, do you think its about time I quit ?? please need some advice

Answer #1

im 14, and I have the same problem with horse riding. I didnt stop because its a big part in my life and im proud of being in a high rank. My boy friend thought the same, I hang out with him a lot, and I do not talk about horse riding since it bores him… but if he cant accept that its part of my life style… Thing is you have to find someone who can accept it, its part of your life style and part of u!

Answer #2

Well if she thinks that your more interested and that then maybe you shouldnt do it all the time. Dont let a girl ruin what you like most!. If you want to be with her still. Dont talk about it to much!. cause girls dont like when there guys talk about sports!. It gets really boring. Hang out with her more.! and good luck!

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