How old to get snake bite piercings?

How old do you have to be to get lip ring piercings?

Do you just have to have someone over 18 sign or do you have to have your parents there?

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well, I'm in new york and if you look older sometimes they won't make you flash ID,
which is a bad sign, that means they might not care, maybe the parlor is dirty, but it's not always the case.

anyways, yes you must be 18, or have your mum or dad to sign.

how ever a standard nostril piercing is only 16 years old in central ny.


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you have to have your parents there to sign.
I got my tongue pierced and I just turned 16.
and my mom went with me & signed papers.
plus I have friends that have snake bites and they just had their parents come with them to sign.

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for any piercing that isnt a standard ear piercing (im pretty sure) you have to be over 18. If not you need to have a guardian sign for you.

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Parents have to be there if your under 18

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well I guess like it really matters like were you live?

like im 14&&I already have snake bites& im gonna gett 2 pairs of spider bites&&then my 2 dimples pierced in the summer I think. but of course thats wit like a parent permission
&&if you dont have permission you have to wait untill your 18

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