How do I get the smudges off my glasses?

Answer #1

No-Glare Lens Claeaner :)

Answer #2


Answer #3

i use my shirt XD

Answer #4

Haha…then my fingerprints go through the shirt then I’m sad. lol

Answer #5

lol how bout a towel?

Answer #6

Hmm…. I honestly don’t own a towel lol jk my towels are too rough ;p

Answer #7

i just run my glasses under warm water and use soap and dry them off with a paper towl. alot of the time i don’t realize how dirty they are until i take them off

Answer #8

I use sunlight liquid (diswashing liquid) and hot water to clean my glasses. Works brilliantly everytime and you don’t have to spend expensive money on products to clean it with.

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